58. GTD Level 3 seminars & pre-New Year Weekly Review

”As we approach a new year, could this perhaps help shine a different light on your GTD system?”

In this episode, Morten and Lars first touch on their upcoming certification as Trainers in GTD Level 3: Focus & Direction seminars. After this, we talk about the different reflections that might show up as we approach a new year. How might that affect how you look at your different lists? Taking this timeframe into account, reflecting on your time available for your projects, a more thorough Weekly Review will likely help you get a better overview of your work, hopefully make you more clear and present if you have some time off with friends/family, and more refreshed and ready for the new year.


GTD Horizons of Focus episode (#9 of this podcast)

– Morten/Lars’ channels on YouTube, if you want to watch the episodes:

    – Lars: https://youtube.com/channel/UCkLSfpBA_YrjFMFuDiy5G0Q

    – Morten: https://youtube.com/c/MortenRøvikGTD

We really hope that this episode helps you on your GTD journey and, as always: If you have any feedback we’d love to hear from you via podcast@gtdnordic.dk, you can learn more about GTD in the Nordics at https://GTDnordic.com and find cool GTD gear at https://GTDshop.com.

If you prefer to see the video version you can do so below:

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