56. Tools Check-In 2021

What tools do Morten and Lars use today as part of their GTD practice?

Listen to (or watch) this episode to learn about:
– What tools they use today for capturing and organizing
– How they use their tools differently from last year
– What new tools have made their way into their systems

49. How GTD can help reduce burnout

It’s the last episode before our summer break and this is a special one!
This episode contains a longer interview recorded for GTD Connect® members. In this episode, you will hear from Getting Things Done® (GTD) author David Allen and three trainers from our global network, to discuss how GTD can help to reduce burnout.

37. New Years Resolutions with GTD®

How do New Years Resolutions play into a GTD system?

In this episode you will hear Morten and Lars’ takes on:
– How these might look in a GTD system
– How micro habits can help you establish new habits and help you achieve your goals
– How to establish the Weekly Review as a solid base for your GTD practice in 2021

23. What it’s like to be a GTD Trainer?

What’s it like to be a GTD® Trainer? How do you become one?

In this episode, Morten and Lars will walk you through the steps in becoming a GTD Trainer, if you had ever thought about what that might look like. You’ll also be invited to join our upcoming Nordic Virtual GTD Meetup with Coaches and we also want to hear YOUR stories!

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